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Contract cancellation

Dear Vodafone team, 

 I have Vodafone Kabel Deutschland's contract starting Jan 2019 and is due to end by Jan 2021. 

The contract address was of Rostock, Germany 18055. (customer number xxxxxxxx), name: Anjan xx

Current status: I moved out of Rostock from 01.06.2020 and I am currently registered in Leipzig and moving out of Germany from 01.08.2020. (Reason for the move- New work starting in Denmark)

I am trying to cancel my contract since 24.05.2020 but so far I have not received any confirmation and the money is being debited as of the month of June, July 2020 as well. 


below is the timeline of the event: 

-24.05.2020: Request to cancel the contract online as I would be moving abroad 

-25.05.2020- Email feedback to update temporary address (to Leipzig) and permanent address and explaining the situation that I will move out of Germany (Either to India or to Denmark)

06.07.2020- Received a letter from Vodafone to call the Vodafone team regarding Kündigng of my Vodafone contract. (with a different customer number: xxxxxxx) - Letter attached

07.07.2020- Called the Vodafone customer care number to understand the situation and it seemed that there is a lot of mix-ups. I have 2 contracts with 2 different expiry dates and so on. which I did not fully understand why and how that can happen?, How I have gotten two contracts and who requested for it- Although customer care told me that he will initiate kündigung for both contracts and I will receive an email for the same. Till today I have not received any emails. 

08.07.2020- I again requested to close my contracts as I am moving to Denmark via My Vodafone online portal. 


Please help me out to understand what is the actual status of my Vodafone Kabel Deutschland contract and til when I will have to pay. If I need to submit any documents to show that I have to move to Denmark from August 2020, please let me know. 


Best regards, 




Edit: Customer number removed


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Hello AnjanKumar2604,


we would be pleased to look into your request. Please send me a PN with your data (name, customer number, address and date of birth).


Please report again here in the article as soon as the PN is out.




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