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Contract Issues




I'm a english speaker and hopefully someone in here can help me with my contracts because i'm unable to reach supports through the service number due to lack of understanding in the german language.

What happen is that i requested for a new connection of cable max 1000 @ 50euro tariff for a new address but instead the confirmation email stated that my current active contract which are the cable max 1000 @ 40euro promotion tariff that i get since march is change to the current cable max 1000 @ 50euro instead of applying this to the new address. And i believe the source of confusion is due to the similirarity of both address and the difference of the both address is just the house number. 


I did manage to apply for the connection on the new address (address2) but the staff could not help me with the tariff issue on my active contract (address1).

I do not want my active contract on address1 to change and keep the promotions tariff. i hope a moderator can understand my situation and help me out. thanks.

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If you are relocating to a new address, than you have to ask for relocation of your current contract. Don't ask for a new contract, otherwise you end up with 2 contracts at the same time.


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Hi, im not relocating. i've rented another house in the neighbour and was trying to get another contract there.

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Hello VickyLow,


i do not quite understand it yet. You haven't moved, that's what I understood. But why do you want or did you want to sign a second contract now?



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