Changing Tariff Plan - Vodafone Kabel

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Currently my internet plan is Red Internet & Phone 400 Cable and I was told that within the first year of my contract (which started at 15th of May 201, I could downgrade my tariff. I would like to switch to Red Internet & Phone 200 Cable.


Could you please help me about this?


Thanks a lot.


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Betreff: Changing Tariff Plan - Vodafone Kabel

Hi @zfe , 


the tariff change is possible at the first day of the 2. year. From 15.05,2019 on you can find the option in your account and change by yourself or here (with help of a Mod) or by calling the hotline. 


best regards


Re: Changing Tariff Plan - Vodafone Kabel

Hi zfe,


have you been able to accomplish anything with the clues?





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Changing Tariff Plan - Vodafone Kabel



I recently took vodafone kabel connection(1000Mbps plan) from Saturn.

I was told that i can take the fastest plan (for example 1000 Mbps plan) since its 19.99 euro per month for first 1 year. And after 1 year i can switch to the cheapest plan (for example 50Mbps plan) and from the 13th month on-wards i pay 29.99 euro per month.


So i just wanted confirm below questions:

  • If downgrade is possible from high speed plan to a low speed plan.?
  • Are there any charges involved in downgrading the plan.? 
  • Currently i do speed test i see the maximum speed i get is 37Mbps what do i do about this.?
  • What is the process to downgrade since i was given a letter from saturn which i can use to downgrade my plan and like he mentioned i can submit the letter now to downgrade automatically from 12th month of my contract. So can i submit the letter now.?


Thank you,


Best Regards,





Re: Changing Tariff Plan - Vodafone Kabel

Hello Hariprasad,

check your order confirmation to see if you have the option to switch to a smaller tariff after one year. If you have the exchange guarantee in your contract, you can switch to one of the tariffs listed in the order confirmation at the end of the first year. But you've apparently just booked the contract, haven't you? It doesn't make sense to make a note of the change now.


For the low bandwidth request, you need to create a new post so the right person can deal with it. This request here is a commercial one, the impairments a technical one.




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