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Cancellation of vodafone mobile contract - Moving Abroad




I have a vodafone  24 months contract starting 28.01.2020 under the tariff name Vodafone Red M mit Premium Smartphone Special. I also got a phone with the contract. Currently, I have decided to move to India and I will get the abmeldung form on 3rd of Feb. I  would like to cancel the contract. Please help me to guide through the process. I am not good with the German language and I find difficulties contacting the german customer care.


I really appriciate your help!



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Hey @jaygan_1989,


Thanks for joining the Community. Smiley (fröhlich)


You can hand in your cancellation online, going toündigungMobil


It's okay to write in English.


It's also possible to upload small documents there for verification, such as your "Abmeldebestaetigung".


Please be aware, however, that leaving the country does not, as a rule, lead to an early termination of the contract.


Rather, the cancellation will usually take effect at the end of the minimum subscription period, that is, after 24 months.


If you need more information, please let us know.




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