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Cancellation of Kabel in my current house and cancellation of a new DSL contract for my new house


To whom It May concern,


After calling 5 times already customer service, they redirected me here to cancel my cable subscription because I am moving to a new apartment where Vodafone has no cable subscription. The new address is ***, Berlin where Vodafone said they don't have cables there and therefore has the right to break my 24 months contract. I would therefore like you to cancel my cable subscription, your colleagues told me to send a letter to Vodafone Kabel Deutschland in Erfurt and ask to cancel my subscription and now I get a letter that I need to write a thread here and be patient. Both letters are attached here in this thread. I urge you and beg you to cancel my cable subscription and tell me where to send back the router.I am sick of calling customer service and having to deal with this anymore. My customer number is: ***.


Best regards,




EDIT: personal data deleted

edit2: attachment deleted, because of personal data and moved to the right topic.

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Hi StefanoZakher,


please excuse that you have been sent back and forth. We will have a look at this.


Please send me the following data by private message:


- Name

- Customer number

- Date of birth

- current address

- Relocation date

- new address.


Write a short note here in the thread, when you have sent the PM.


Best regards


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