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Cancelation of kabel contract


I have an issue with vodafone. 

On 14.11.2019 I subscribed the internet & telefon und TV über DSL

On 17.12.2019 received a letter with cancelation of DSL contract because there was no connection in the building. They didn’t inform that I need to cancel the Vodafone kabel deutchland

On 20.12.2019 received the Giga TV BOX. Call Vodafone GMBH and they said to send the box back because the contract was cancelled.

On 23.12.2019 send the box back (DHL   xxxxxxxxxx)

On 14.01.2020 received an invoice


I never got the information that i need to cancel the kabel contract. For me, because i bought a net+phone+tv package, there was only one contract.

the 14 days to cancel is now over. How can i cancel this, since i bought the package and not only Tv service.

And if the service was active was you keept my box when i return it and said nothing?


Thank you




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Hi RenatoTavares,


welcome to our Community.


Let me see if I've got this straight.


You ordered DSL and GigaTV. DSL could not be installed and you sent the TV box back with it. But you did not cancel the TV order separately.


So far so far correctly?




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