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Cancel contract special orders
Invoking my special rights to cancel contract with military orders.

Customer Joshua Whitesides. Need to terminate July 1 2019
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You're wrong here...

This is a customers-help-customers forum and not an official way to get in contact with Vodafone.


If you want to cancel your landline contract prematurely, then write a cancellation letter in German language (as it's sole contractual language) and include official documents proofing that you're leaving Germany. Your contract will then be cancelled with a 3 months notification period from either the day you leave Germany -or- the day your cancellation letter is received by Vodafone, the later one counts. Please also send back any rental devices in time, you may otherwise be charged for them.

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Hi Jwhitesides78,


if you have to move on military orders. If we need the official letter. You can send it to me with your customer number, name, date of birth and address in a private message.


Then reply again here in the post.




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