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Cancel contract of Internet

Hey hallo! 

I recently moved to another city (Randersacker) from Braunschweig. The flat am renting is a furnished one with internet fee included. Thus would like to cancel my old internet contract. Can any body help me please? 


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Hi amenosis,


Let's take a look. Send me your customer number, name, date of birth, old and new address in a private message.


Then reply again here in the post.




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Dear Sir/Madam,
I am very very disappointed with the Vodafone service and Employee from the telephone customer service. Not friendly, rude and un respectful, cutting the phone middle of the conversation.
Employee from Vodafone visited at home and offered an 1000mbd router conract, for 2 years 1yrs 20€ and 2nd year 39.99€
Employee mentioned the new contract will start from Jan 2020 after the old contract is finished(xxxxxxxx)

After my first Oct statement and speaking with customer service I have come to know, Employee who has visited at home he stop my old contract from 25.09.19 and started new contract (xxxxxxxx) from 25.09.2019.
I dont know what my new contract is? I  have been charged Vertrag/Produkt 59.99€ and 6.99 home box. What i have been charged was not told by Vodafone Employee. He kept on saying everything is free free.
Customer service is saying about send letters. I have not received any letter regarding any information. If i had so i would do the necessary work. I have not singed any contract, Vodafone have used my old contract information to make new contract my consend.. 
This is in-complete information and way of cheating to customer. The employee did not do their job properly and customer have to pay. I have been cheated and I will not pay high amount, for this price i can get better network provider with better service.
I don‘t wish to carry any contact or have any product with Vodafone who is not loyal. Please solve this issue and cancel all my contract with Vodafone.

Many Thanks

Deepak Katkoria


Edit: Hi @Firtz_Contract  Customer numbers deleted. Please do not post any personal data in a public community. Best regards WolfgangF

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