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Cancel Red Internet & Phone 200 Cable contract before earliest possible end of contract date


Last month I renovated my contract when moving to a new apartment, I connected the same router and cable and it worked just fine.


But I discovered that my new apartment supports Fiber connection which unfortunately Vodafone does not provide (already checked), so I want to cancel my contract to get Fiber from a different provider.


I am very happy with Vodafone service but unfortunately I need fiber speeds.


How can I cancel the contract given that the Earliest possible end of contract is 22.01.2021?

What are the fees of doing it?


Thanks in advance!

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If you receive the Vodafone services at your new location as contractually agreed, then your contract will end the earliest at the date that your minimum contractual term ends (usually 2 years from the day you signed the contract -or- you made changes to it like upgrading). If this is on 22.01.2021, then your contract will run until that date for the agreed-upon fees - and there is no possibility for a premature cancellation.


Please note that your cancellation needs to be received by Vodafone -in German language(!)- at least before the cancellation notice period ends (usually max 3 months before the end date). A cancellation request in this Forum is NOT possible as this is NOT an official contact way but a customers-help-customers forum.


You may already get a fibre connection right now if you want - but you'll then have to pay for both, the Vodafone and the fibre connection at least until the Vodafone contract runs out in Jan. 2021.

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Hi montogeek,


@reneromann has explained it absolutely right. I can't say anything more about it.




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