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Cabel Relocation (English)


I was looking into the relocation process of my Vodafone/UM cabel connection from Frankfurt to Mannheim. Is there a helpline number that I can reach out to, where I can find english speaking representatives? I searched the community blogs but didn't find any relevant information. I was showed this number 08008888786 as the available contact to book relocation, but unfortunately I cannot find anyone who would speak in English with me.



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You must be very lucky. The contract and support language in Germany is German.
If you do not speak or understand the language sufficiently or not at all, you will unfortunately have to get a translator at your own expense.
Alternatively, as a VFW / ex-UM customer, you can also send your move by email to the email address given on the invoice. Please enter your customer data (customer number, old name and address), the relocation date and the new address.

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Hi kghildyal,


please excuse my late feedback. Currently we need a little longer to respond.


Have you been able to resolve your issue in the meantime? If not, please send me a private message with the following data: Customer number, name, addresses (current + new), date of birth, state and current cell phone number.


Please report back here as soon as the message is out. Then we will get an overview together.


Kind regards


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