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Auftrag activation

Hi all,


I'm moving to Germany in <2 weeks and I have purchased a Vodafone DSL package. I'm struggling to understand the next steps to get my DSL up and running.

- I got the contract where they mention to use the link This page keeps giving an error.

- By phone support, my Kundennummer is not recognised. I suspect because it's not activated on the above point?

- On the DSL-Auftrag hinzufuegen it asks for an online activation number which I don't have. 

- Lastly, the router seems to have been sent to the Geshaeftkunden. Any idea what this meean?


Thanks a lot!

DSL-Vertrag hinzufügen


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Hi @JolaN,


Welcome aboard 


Sorry you've had trouble trying to register your broadband package.


We can surely sort this out.



Registering: The registration site has only recently been updated to make things easier for you if you selected one of our Red Internet&Phone Cable packages.


In this case, the link you received has just now gone out of use. Sorry, we should have told you.


Red I&P Cable is a product of its own and not identical with the Red I&P DSL(!) packages.


Please go to MeinVodafone on and


* select "Jetzt registrieren"

* select "Mit Deinen Vertragsdaten"

* select "Kabel-Produkte (Nur NRW, BW, Hessen)


=> There, you can register your Customer account number or Kundennummer



Online registration code: If you opted for Red Internet&Phone Cable, you don't need an online registration code. This code is only relevant when you choose a DSL package.



Your router: Did you sign up as our Business customer ("Geschäftskunden" in German) and did you give a different address for dispatching the router?


In any case, I will gladly help and check where your router was sent to.


Please write me a personal message and include


* Your customer account number

* The region or Bundesland you want the service installed (Baden Wuerttemberg, Hesse, Northrhine Westphalia or different)

* the link to your comment




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