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kabel contract cancellation


I bought the internet, telefon & tv über DSL pack last November. During December Vodafone said me that they did not have connection in my address and know i am receiving invoices from kabel Deutschland about the TV service.

Here is what happened


On 14.11.2019 I subscribed the internet & telefon und TV über DSL

On 17.12.2019 received a letter with cancelation of DSL contract because there was no connection in the building. They didn’t inform that I need to cancel the Vodafone kabel deutchland

On 20.12.2019 received the Giga TV BOX. Call Vodafone GMBH and they said to send the box back because the contract was cancelled.

On 23.12.2019 send the box back (DHL   ***)

On 14.01.2020 received an invoice


I need now to cancel my contract with kabel Deutschland, because i bought a pack and i was not aware that this would result in 2 contracts with 2 different companies.

Even with the return of the Giga TV Box they still charge me the service that i cannot use because i don't have the equipment.


thank you



Community-Team: Removed DHL number

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