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Unbarable slow download speed, normal upload speed &DSL


I have a Red Internet & Phone 100 DSL contract since October, 2017, which was working fine.

But since last Sunday the download speed is unbarable slow. I'm paying for a 100MB connection but the download does not go further then 3MB anymore. I even can not open your website in 10 minutes. What is more weird is the upload stays at 20MB without an issue.

I've tried rebooting, the results are always the same.

I really need it fixed since it affects badly my work and life.

I am sorry I can not speak German, only speak English ...

Postal code: 66424

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Hi Qilin,


welcome to the Vodafone Community!


The test was done via WIFI. If you want to get reliable results please use a connection via LAN cable and do the tests at



3 speed checks. please no downloads or streams while doing them, no VPN, (powerline-) adapters or extension cables.


Please post the results here but without the ticket numbers. Thanks.




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