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As requested by the Vodafone team in a letter from 22 Jan 2021, I am posting my complaint here: 

I’ve been a customer of Vodafone for the last year, and I’ve generally been happy with your service. Last month I noticed an extra charge on my account, which led to a call with your representative lead to the discovery of a very unpleasant chain of events.

On November 16th, 2019 I have made a contract with Vodafone through “Check24” platform. On November 29th 2019 I’ve received a call from Vodafone representative Herr Müller-Schade. Unfortunately, my German is not so good so I did not understand everything he said, but after he asked several questions he claimed that the contract is not good (I did not understand why), that it must be cancelled and he will create a new one with exactly the same condition and fees as the one made through “Check24”. The total average monthly fees with “Check24” was 14,78€ (see attached).

After he promised that all fees would be exactly like the contract I’ve initially chosen, I have agreed to his suggestion. On the same day, he sent me an SMS saying that the old contract is canceled and the new one is initiated, but did not sent me the new contract details and terms which I have assume is because it the same as the one he cancelled.

After a call with your representative on January 19th 2021, it was first clear to me that “same cost” promise would not be fulfilled.

I understand the complexity the late complaint bring. The problem is that only when the charges increased, I could identify that the 14,78€ (in average per month) contract terms made with check24 would not be met, as promised. Additionally, the first-year charges have been confusing as since some months I was charged and some not, so it wasn’t clear what is happening.

Due to those circumstances, I would like to ask you to consider adjusting the monthly fees downward to reach the original chosen contract.


Best regards and thank you in advance.

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Hey Gilio,

i feel that its a  unpleasant feeling if the you get contacted in german & don't understand everything said.
Espacially then i don't understand why you've chosen to basicly change into the same tariff for the same price.

The only scenario i could imagine would be - you've ordered a dsl contract from us , and we've modernized our net in your region, so that you can book internet via cable?

With any change of a tariff or contract we communicate the price & whats included.
Most likely a correction months after the change will not be possible.

Feel free to send me a private message with your customernumber/password & the customernumber from the new contract.

I'll have a look into this.

To send me a private message, please click on my name / avatar _> then the big red button on the right side "Diesem Benutzer eine Nachricht senden".



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