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Two contracts being processed simultaneously


Hi I am customer of Red Internet DSL 50 package since 05.2019


I cancelled my contract in 02.2021. At the same time I also ordered a new contract from Vodafone.

On 05.03.2021 I got a call from a Vodafone representative to offer me a discount on my existing contract and to extend it, to which I agreed. I also asked the representative to cancel my new request under order number xxxxxxxxx
I was told that the new order has been cancelled and my discounted contract will begin 23.05.2021, I also got an email for that.


Today I got an email that a FritzBox has been mailed to my address with respect to order number xxxxxxx . Seems like my cancellation request was not processed. What should I do now? Also this makes me question the processing of discount on the existing contract.


Could you please check the actual status of my contract at the moment? Please let me know if you need any other information. My existing customer ID is xxxxxx




Edit: Order number and customer numbers removed.

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Hi Alster5,


I will have a look into this.


Please send me a private message with your name, both customer numbers and both customer passwords.




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