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Einschränkung Mobile Telefonie und Daten 2G/3G/4G PLZ 0309x, 03205, 0322x, 03246, 1590x-1592x

Es kommt zu Einschränkungen bei der Mobilen Telefonie und Daten 2G/3G/4G im PLZ-Gebiet 0309x, 03205, 0322x, 03246, 1590x-1592x, Burg Spreew, Calau, Crinitz, Gollmitz, Laasow, Lübbenau, Terpt, Vetschau, Zinnitz.

Wir melden uns, sobald uns Neuigkeiten dazu vorliegen.

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Internet, Telefon & TV über DSL

The technician never came for the appointment.



I was waiting for the technitian all day on Monday. I also tried to call the 1212 and was passed around to many agents and non was able to help me.
I orginally went to the Vodafone shop to move the contract from an old apartment to new but the agents told me the contract was never moved.


Could you pelase help me with this issue? I need the internet ASAP!


Thank you very much.


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 DSL or Cable? 

You posted in "sweepstakes"... 

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