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Betreff: The final date of my contract is wrong



I received a call from Vodafone to define the final date of my contract, but the person sent me an e-mail with the worng date and now I call the hotline and people say they cannot do anything and that I should call the hotline again. This is nonsense and not my fault. I need it to be fixed because I cannot be without internet on the day I'm moving to another country.

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Hey beatriz,
am i seeing this right,  you are moving to germany & ordered a new dsl contract.
And the activation date on the welcome letter is not the date you've chosen / desired?

Thats an unpleasant start - im sorry.
But we rent the landlines from the german telecom , if there are no free capacities for the desired date, it gets most likely rescheduled to an later appointment.

I'll try to help. Please send me a private message with your customerinfo (Customernumber, Password & your desired activation date).

Therefore please click on my name/avatar -> then the big red button on the right side "sende eine private Nachricht".


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Exactly the same happened to me,

I finally accepted the waiting period and after 4 weeks of waiting the technician just didn't show up - with no intention to help from the customer support, which continues to find reasons to explain why I am guilty in them not providing the service I supposed to pay for. I'd rather warn to even start a contract with Vodafone in Germany. 

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I've just been told that the date cannot be changed because they need 5 days to do it. THEY HAD THE FIVE DAYS. And now I won't have internet on the day I need the most because of Vodafone's fault and they won't do anything to solve this. 

When moving back after my months abroad I'll definitely choose another provider. This is so disrespectful.

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