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Telephone numbers after moving from cable to DSL

Hallo zusammen,

Sorry for posting in English, but German are not good enoughto do so.

I'm moving to a new apartment and I wanted to transfer my cable connection (Red Internet & Phone 200 Cable), but since it's not available there I have to switch to DSL. Currently I have 3 phone numbers, and my question is if I'm gonna have all of them in the DSL connection as well.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hey tliokos,

if you book the comfort option for 4 Euro you can have 3-10 numbers active.
Its only possible to take your existing phonenumber with you, as long as you stay within the same area code. So for example if you move from munich to berlin, you will get new numbers.

Feel free to send me a private message with your new adress & the desired tariff. I will have a look into this.

Best regards,

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