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Tariff change ordered but status stuck in "Tech. Auftragsbear"

I currently have a Red Internet and Phone 16 DSL contract with Vodafone in my current appartament. I ordered a tariff change to 50Mbps on February 22nd. I received an email with the confirmation data for the new speed connection. The email stated that the tentative start date for the new tariff would be 03.08.2019, but after that day nothing has happened.


Since then the status of the order in has been the same  "Tech. Auftragsbear".


Can someone help?

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Hi JorgeLuis,


i'm sorry that you don't get more information. Smiley (traurig)


I suspect that there are no free ports. Deutsche Telekom rejects our request and we will submit it again 7-9 days later. We will do this a maximum of 5 times. After that we finally reject the technology change and inform you.


Another possibility could be that the VDSL network has not yet gone into operation. Usually there will be a delay message.


It would be best if you send me a private message with your customer number. I will gladly look at that and will inform you asap.


Best regards,




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Hi @Norman 


Thank you for your reply. I've sent you a private message with the order number.


Best Regards,


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