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Starting Package Red Internet & Phone not recieved

Hi there,


I just moved to Darmstadt to live here. However when I fixed my internet provider I was still abroad. My starter package with my router and such has been sent while I was not yet able to be in my apartment. 

Now I don't know where it is and calling the help desk does not work because nobody speaks English. Unfortunately my German is quite bad and after calling three times it did not seem like the helpdesk was trying to understand when I spoke in German. 

I would like to know where I can pick up my starter package or how I can let it be sent again to my address. I need it for my work here since we are quite strict on the home-office policy.


I am looking forward to a reply.


Best regards,

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Hey AJvZ,

I'm sorry that you've seemingly not recieved your router.

Normally you should get a mail including a trackinglink, most likely in german Smiley (traurig)

If you've ordered internet via DSL , feel free to send me a private message.

If its internet via Cable , please reply in this thread in which state your living.

To send me a private message, please click on my name/avatar.
Then the big red button on the right side.
Please send me your dsl customernumber (most likely 0019xxxxx) and chosen password.


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