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Request to terminate my Vodafone contract

Sorry for writing the post in English.

I'm trying to cancel my DSL Vodafone contract from quite a few days now.


I've send fax, post to Ratingen & Düsseldorf. But whenever I call they say they haven't received it.

I'm leaving Germany and returning to my home country on 14th September 2019.


I have send them all the documents KVR de-registration and a letter to cancel my contract. They always say they haven't received.

I'm really tired of doing all the follow ups now. I also filled the contact form on MyVodafone but they haven't responded as well. My ID is xxxxx.


Please someone from Vodafone can help me with this ?




Edit: @Swati  personal data removed. Please do not post any personal data in a public forum. Best regards WolfgangF

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Hey Swati,

im sorry to hear that you are leaving.

Please send me a private message with your customerinformation (customernumber & password).
To send me a private message, please click on my name /  avatar -> then on the right side "Diesem Benutzer eine Nachricht senden".

I'll have a look into this & cancle the contract early.

Best regards,


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