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Regarding an increase in pricing in an unexpected way




I’ve been with Vodafone under this tariff “Vodafone Young M ohne Smartphone” for a bit more than a year now (since 04.12.2019). And this is a tariff combining my mobile data and internet at home (Red Internet & Phone 100 DSL). When I made this contract, I was informed that for the first 1 year I will be charged for about €30 in total with all the discount benefits applied.


I was aware of that these benefits would last 12 months and there’s gonna be an increase in pricing after this period. However, what I was clearly informed by your staff at Vodafone Shop Ringcenter initially was it will be increased after a year and the price will be €17 (mobile) + €27 (internet), which sums into €44 in total.


But the thing is, I got charged €65,94 (charged two times a month last February - respectively €41,77 and €24,17). I’m very puzzled why there’s a huge discrepancy between what I’d been told when making a contract and what I actually got charged.


And could you also explain why I got charged two times a month even though I’m with this tariff for both internet and mobile data combined?


Thank you for your help.





Screenshot 2021-03-08 at 12.47.28 (1).jpg

* Here I'm attaching the note written by the staff before I signed the contract.

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Hi @SoyeonK,


Thanks for connecting to our Community.


It's understandable you're wondering about the discrepancy.


I will gladly take care of your issue and check the contract details.


Please send me a private message including


* both customer numbers and

* the URL to this site


Looking forward to hearing from you




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Hey Micha, thanks for your response.


I just sent you a private message with my customer number and the URL of this inquiry page as you'd required.


Please let me know if you need anything further.







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Hey SoyeonK,

we have recieved your private message. We will answer you as soon as possible.

Thanks for the headsup.



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