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Problem with my internet contract


Last year a customer representative asked me to upgrade my vodafone internet with new plan. I upgraded my DSL with new plan and at the same time the customer representative had cancelled my old contract. My old contract was suppose to end on Dec 23- 2019 and start with my new contract from the same date. But I see my old contract is still active and it is extended for another year. Now I have two contract which I don't need. I want to cancel my old contract and continue the new one. Could you please help me with this?
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Hi vertragissue,


did you receive a confirmation that the old contract will be terminated?


Starting a new contract does not automatically end the old one. Or did you change from DSL to cable?


In this case, we will terminate the DSL contract early.


You can send me a private message with your name, DSL customer number and customer password. I will have a look into it then.




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