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Internet, Telefon & TV über DSL

Possibility for renewal of contracts to fewer months?



I have requested to cancel my contract with effective from 31.03.2020 as I  was about to leave Germany. But due to the Coronavirus crisis, my travel has been postponed. Is there any possibility to extend my contract?


If so what is the minimum contract period? As I will be staying in Germany only for few months until the situation is normal, is there any possibility for a contract with fewer months other than a 2 year contract?


 Please advise.




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I'm afraid to say but it's much too late to extend your contract now if it's really a DSL line (internet using the phone outlet).

As Vodafone has to rent the DSL lines from Telekom (as they operate most of the VDSL lines), such an extension needs to be requested roughly about at least 2 weeks before your contract expires - otherwise the de-commissioning of the line cannot be stopped by Vodafone anymore.


Only option that I see right now would be to get a GigaCube in the Flex tariff as you only have to pay for it if you use it - but you'll also have some days without internet until the GigaCube is sent to you.

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