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Hello Team,

I am using Vodafoen internet from last 4 years.From August 2020,we are facing problem with frequest net disconnects.Many times we called customer care and they sent technical teams twice and the problem was not solved.In Feb 2021,we called the customer care and they said,they will send some red internet sim card on free of cost and can be used when there are probelms with internet.I received the message in the next minute as 'Kostenlos simcard' ordered for me.Received the simcard in few days and used it.

Few days later,technical person has come and said the problem seems to be with Fritzbox and changed it.I do not have any internet issues later on.

April 2021,i received the bill of almost 130Euros,where is showing charges for Technical support charges and charges for Red simcard and same has been deducted from my account.When i spoke to customer care,they asked me to write a letter to Vodafone GmbH,Postfach101064,49839,Rattingen.We did not receive any message yet.

When the proble is with Vodafone why do they charge me for technical service and Red internet as they mentioned it as free.Please revert back these charges.

I am really struggling with Vodafone from last one year.Many time i miss meetings due to internet loss.My kids were failed to attend online classes.It was really painful as customer care does not speak in English in the so called international company.Apart from such great inconvenience and pain for me,charging the extra money.

Please revert these extra charges and repay my money back

I would like to close my Vodafone contract from 10.07.2021.Request you to please close the same.I have already sent letter to Vodafone GmbH Rattingen




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Just a few sidenotes:

Being charged for the technician usually means that there was nothing wrong with the line itself but with your network or devices. Same applies if a simple reset of the router would've corrected the issue.


Second: There is the possibility to get a SIM card with data from Vodafone - but as far as I know, they'll only be sent out of your line is completely down. Please have a look at the invoice for the card for what you are being charged. It might be that it is instead a GigaCube Flex tariff - there you'd get a SIM card and a router and would have to pay in case you use the internet within an invoice period but don't have to pay if you don't use it. But there's one time charges for the device as well as the activation.


Third: You are in Germany, sole contractual and thus sole support language is German. Support in any other language than German is given on a best-effort base - which could also mean that there is no support in other languages than German at all.



You cannot send a cancellation notice in this customers-help-customers board.



Even if you could send a cancellation notice in this board, you cannot simply cancel to any given date but you are bound to your contractual terms. E.g. your cancellation notice has to be received by Vodafone at least that notice period (usually 3 months) before the end of the current term in order for the cancellation to become effective. Otherwise your contract will extend for another year (and your next possible contract end date would be a year later).

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