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Our company switched the contract from Vodafone DSL to Vodafone KD several months ago and when we did, we asked Vodafone to cancel our old DSL contract, since we didn't use it any longer. We were asked to submit all the documents for cancelling phone numbers and return DSL FritzBox back to Vodafone. This was done a long time ago. Recently our accountant noticed that we were still receiving invoices for that old contract, so apparently it wasn't actually canceled properly. We would like to resolve this issue asap.


Thank you.

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Hi @DvaDva,

could this possibly be the final invoice? I would like to take a look at it.  Please send me a private message with the following data:


1) DSL customer number (Starts with 0019)

2) Cable customer number


As soon as I get an overview, I'll get back to you.

Best regards


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