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New DSL Customer - No internet connection in the new router/DSL


We just had a new DSL connection yesterday (25 Mbit / s with Fritzbox 7530) and the technician said he established the connection and asked me to wait for 20 minutes for configuration to complete. He left but we do not have an Internet connection yet. 

I do not speak German and not able to take up calls. 

I checked multiple times with MIC also, no internet is the status on the app.


The router has power and WLAN blinking green, but nothing else is on. 


Kindly support.


Dr. Pushpa


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Unfortunately, you have to wait until the contract has been commercially activated by Vodafone, only then will your Fritzbox get access to the Internet.
The contract and support language in Germany is German, so you will only get ahead on the hotline with someone who understands and speaks German.
It can take a few days for a mod to report, so if you're in a hurry, I recommend contacting social media support on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. There you can also get help in English.

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Hello Pushpa,

I'm sorry that the technician seems to have messed something up while activating the landline.

We have right now an unusual high amount of requests, it may take multiple days till i get to your case.
You can send me a private message with your dsl customernumber & mobilenumber so that i can have a look into this.
Therefore please click on my name / avatar then the big red button on the right side.

But Thankfully Torsten has shown a few alternatives, feel free to use them.


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