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New Contract and closing old contract



I have applied for a new DSL contract from my company's corperate scheme

The connectivity is due to start on 30 October 2020

The technician was supposed to come on 23 Oct, but beyond this I have no information - what about the hardware, did the technician come etc


I also have an existing Vodafone contract which has been closed and will end by end of October. Again, I do not know if I have to return the hardware etc


I tried calling customer care, but my German is not very good, and I am not able to follow the customer care. Regarding English customer care, it is literally impossible to get access.


Since I work from home, I have a lot of dependency on internet at home and hence I would like to ensure that the start of the new contract goes smoothly. Could you please help


Annu ***



*** @Annu, private data removed. ***

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As the contract owner changes, there is no "smooth transition" from one line to another. Prepare yourself that you may be offline for a few days.


Despite of that: You have to return any DSL rental hardware (meaning the router and the TV center in case you had one) to Arvato - the address should be mentioned in your cancellation acceptance letter. Please note that you'll have to return the devices on your own expenses within 14 days from the end of the contract - otherwise you will get charged for not returning them.

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