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Left the country and still being charged?

Hey, so I left Germany back in July. Have fully moved back to Australia.


When I was leaving, I went to my local Vofafone store and asked about cancelling my contract. They told me to come back with a copy of my deregistration certificate and that I would have to pay 3 months as a notice period to cancel my mobile phone/internet.


This seemed ok, i went back with my certificate and signed a termination of contract etc.


However now Vodafone have emailed me in Deutsch to say I now have to keep paying for the rest of my contract (6 months) despite beind told this was not the case?


I returned the modem etc, I would like help getting my contract cancelled as I don't live in the country anymore.


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Hello @What_the,


that sounds very bad. Smiley (überrascht)


I will take a look at this, to give you further information for that. Please send me a private message within your customer number and the customer password.


Best Regards

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