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Internet slowed down to 1mbps for the past 2 weeks

Good Morning guys,

first of all my apologies but my german is still quite bad.


My internet for the past 2 weeks has been unbearably slow, i tried to contact Vodafone for assistance  several times but my landlord, which takes care of the bills, has ignored any request of helping me by providing a customer number, resulting in me unable to solve the problem.


what can I do?

any suggestions?



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Hey VinceBell1,

this sounds like the bandwith is throtteled because auf outstanding payments.
Are you using internet via cable or dsl?

The contract is running on your landlord? In this case he needs to get in touch with us.
If you are not directly our customer, we can't offer you help directly , on the contract partner.

I would suggest speaking with the landlord, in the worst case threatening to reduce the monthly payment for the appartment till the issue is fixed.


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