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I have recently have two contracts wants to cancel one

Hi, my bad my German is not good. Unfortunately, I ordered two contracts with shops because I was interested to have Kabel box (I was a customer before). I wanted to cancel the DSL contract, I visited twice the shop in Gottingen as now I am in Hannover. They said, they sent an email to Vodafone and it will take 1 week to cancel, then I will get the confirmation email. But now the problem is I booked the technician appointment, which I tried to cancel, but its also not possible. Can anyone help in this regard? Please, I can not call as I am not good German-speaking.

My order number is: ARCxxx.    




EDIT: customer-number removed for privacy reasons. BerndD, Mod.

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It might be very unfortunate - but if you really signed for two contracts within shops, both contracs are legally binding and can be cancelled by you the earliest after the minimum contractual term is over (e.g. usually to the end of the 2 year period using a 3 months notice period).


And sadly there is no law that allows you to prematurely cancel/withdraw from a contract that you signed on premises, e.g. within a shop.

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Hi Arslan1,


that's a really difficult situation, because the DSL contract is on another location than the cable contract. Can you please contact me via private message and tell me, which of the contracts is now correct. When the address of the DSL contract is right, we can then make a change from DSL to cable, because the products are available there.






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Thanks for your reply, I sent you the private message. But the address is the same. 

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Both connections are for the same address. I have already visited their shop to cancel DSL contract within 15 days and even called Vodafone many times. They said they have canceled and I will get confirmation within the next two weeks but the problem is that the technician appointment is still showing up in the system. So, I need assistance with that. If this cannot be cleared then I am sorry I am disappointed with this customer service. Please give me some Vodafone email address so that I can register my complaint. If this is the service that Vodafone is providing to their customers than Please improve that and I will share my bad experience with Vodafone at every platform.

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