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I have issues with 3 contracts


I need assistant from customer services, please. Unfortunately I don't speak german and through the phone support nobody speaks english and by whatapp support nobody reply the messages. I have been going to Vodafone shops and the staff kindly have helped to send faxes to the Vodafone office but I havent got any resolution yet.

1) I got a GigaCube contract on July 2018 and I requested the cancelation of the contract twice in December 2019 and February 2020 but I never got a confirmation letter or email from Vodafone and I'm still getting charged.

2) In October 2019 I tried to get ADSL line contract but the technician failed twice to come to activate the line/make the instalation, so went to the shop an exchange the package/contract for a cabel internet, however till today I am still getting charged for the ADSL contract (addtional to the cable internet contract) but I don't have the ADSL service, any tecnician ever came to activate the ADSL service and I am getting charged for it.

Could you help me with this issues? Please.

Kind regards,

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Hi luigi10,


welcome to the Vodafone community. Smiley (fröhlich)


Let's see what went wrong. I think, here our direct help is needed. Please send me a private message with your phone and customer numbers as well as name, address and birth date of the contract owner.




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Thaniks Dany for you reply. I have sent you a private message.

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May I kindly ask for the help of another agent who can help with my issue? Dany might not be around as I haven't got any reply since last Nov 13th.

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Hey luigi10,

your private message has definitly arrived.
Because of an unsual ammount of tickets, we are not as fast with our replies as usually.
I will get to your message as soon as possible.

Please be patient.
(most likely i will answer you tomorrow)


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