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How to terminate the contract when you move to other city?

Dear all,

Here is my situation: My DSL contract was accidently extended till 04/2019 without my attention.

Long story short: I moved out of my apartment 3 months before my old DSL contract ended. The girl who subrented my apartment was using my internet for the rest 3 months and got the router from other internet provider after that.

Now, I just found out the contract was extended for another year while I already live in other city (I did send the termination letter but did not get the confirmation for the cancellation). 


Is there any ways that I could end my contract right now? If so, what do I have to do?


Any suggestions is appreciated! 




Re: How to terminate the contract when you move to other city?

Hi thuongle,


welcome to the Vodafone Community!


If you move to a location where we can not provide you with the same connection as before you can end the contract after 3 months.


Where did you send your cancellation letter to and when did you send it? You should receive a confirmation via e-mail. You will find the end date of your contract in it.


You can send me a private message. I will have a look into this.


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I need your name, your customer number, your customer password and your new address.




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