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Housing Contract Cancelled by Landlord in September. Seeking Cancellation of internet contract.


Hi Vodafone Team, 


I would like to cancel an internet contract in Germany because my housing contract was cancelled unexepectedly by the landlord in September so I had to move in September and cannot use Vodafone internet as there was already an internet contract where I now live. Could someone please contact me in English to see what options I have to terminate the contract? I sent an email to unitymedia a few weeks ago, but did not get a response.


Moreover, I am an international student and will graduate in December so I dont know if I will stay in Germany or not after December 31 2020. 


Also I want to include my internet contract into my vodafone account, as I can only see my cellphone contract in this account. 


Thank you so much!

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Please send me your personal information via PM, so I can have a look at it 😇

full name

date of birth

complete address

customer number


Sunny greetings


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