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Getting charged extra for mobile tariff (promotion) I got with DSL



First of all, sorry for putting this up in English (because my German is not the best)


We got a vodafone DSL connection for our home from 1st of August 2020. Afterwards, we received this mobile offer as a offer for this DSL connection, where I had to only pay 14.99 Euros for 9.9 GB.


So I changed my previous prepaid mobile tarrif which was a CallYa to this new tariff (where I have to pay only 15 Euros every month), but in August, my bill turned out to be 25 Euros! I called Vodafone two times and in both occasions, they said that there had been an error from the agent (FYI, I got the new tariff from the online-shop) and said that it will be fixed in 24 hours and I will see the change in the August bill itself.


Unfortunately, I didn’t receive the changed bill for the month of August and I was charged 25 Euros! I called Vodafone again and the operator who I spoke with that time told me that, since I have been charged extra for August (10 euros), my September bill will be 5 Euros (15 euros for my tariff - 10 paid extra in August). And now, I have this months bill (September), it is still shown as 15 Euros instead of 5 Euros.

I tried calling online branch and they didn’t get back to me at all! So I went to a physical branch and they said they can’t help me since I had the contract from the online branch. This had been really really frustrating and I realy hope someone hear can help me fix this. Otherwise, I just want to cancel the new contract and go back to the old CallYa tariff.


This issue has consumed so much time and effort but I am still without any solution



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Hi Bashini,


welcome to the Vodafone community. Smiley (fröhlich)


In the first bill for a mobile contract you can see the charges for the previous month (start date of the contract until the closing date of the billing cycle) and additionally the basic fees for the upcoming month. So the first bill is usually higher than the bills afterwards, except, other costs were charged.


To verify this, please have a look into your bills which you can see in the MeinVodafon app. You only need to sort out the time frames shown next to the name of the price plan.


If you switch to another tariff or cancel the contract, the basic prices are credited for the time you paid them in advance.








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