Extra Payment

I regeistered for Vodafone in May 2018. I should have paid 23.98EUR per month. But I understood that I am paying about 68EUR per month. I went to the customer service store from where I ordered my service. They found out that I am paying for 3 different customer numbers, and two different adresses! One of the addresses was right, and the other one was an address I have never lived there! From two month ago, I went to the customer service store many times in the past 2 months, but unfortunately I have never received any feedback!!!

Of course I received one feedback about moving to the new apartment! But As I said, I have never moved and I had one apartment in the whole time. Unfortunately, Vodafone has not understood my problem, while the customer service store from which I bought the service understood my problem! How is it possible? Why can't the he tell Vodafone what has really happened to me? 



Re: Extra Payment

Hello PooriaOlya,


welcome to our community. Smiley (fröhlich)


I'd like to have a closer look to your contract and the payments. Maybe we'll find out, what happened.


Please send me a private message wiith your customer or mobile number, your customer password and screenshots from the bank statements where I can see the concerning customer number.


Thanks in advance and BR,


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