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Explanation about why I am being billed twice the usual amount



I have a standard Vodafone internet contract of Red Internet and 100 DSL. I used to be billed around 20 Euros per month for it, but since last month, I am being charged nearly 43 Euros. Apparently, this is the standard part of the contract where the bill is doubled after one year (I was not made aware of this when I started the service).


Why is the amount doubled after a year? Do we get any extra benefits/higher data rates for the price we pay? Even if the bill is doubled, I should not be charged more than 40 Euros then. Why am I paying the extra 3 Euros on the already doubled price? 

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Hello my friend!


its pretty much standard that the price doubles after 1 year - its not even written in small letters somewhere hidden deep within the contract, you can find it  already on the first view visible on every advertising page for this contract in big red letters:

DSL Internet & Telefon für Zuhause - Vodafone


The 3€ monthly could be, I guess, that you rent a modem/Router from Vodafone - like the Fritzbox.

This cost 2,99€ a month. Please dont forget to send this modem/router back by the end of your contract (24 month), or it will be very expensive.



Hope I could help - have a nice day friend Smiley (fröhlich)

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In fact, the price isnt doubled after a year, but there is a standard price after one year and "a small present" with half the price for the first year, so you pay a smaller amount the first months. The benefits of your contract is a lowered bill in the first year.

You can check all the prices in the contract confirmation you agreed to. You can see all the details in your monthly bill too.

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