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[English] DSL Contract extends without customer awareness



I have a 2-years contract with Vodafone on 03.05.2018 at Frankfurt (Red Internet & Phone 100 DSL). On 14.10.2019, I moved to Berlin because of my job reassignment. Therefore I made a request to Vodafone to change my contract to the new address in Berlin.  After a few days, Vodafone sent me a letter and told me that they can not give me the same connection at the new address and I need to switch to a lower connection (16Mb/s line) or terminate the contract with them. I didn't want to pay for the penalty of the termination so I replied 'OK' with the slower connection, but what I don't understand is: Why did Vodafone extend my contract 2 years more without my awareness? I don't want to stay with the slow connection forever, when I fullfil the old contract, I will switch the provider definitely because the customer service from Vodafone does not meet my expectation.


I would like to know how to fix the date for the new contract? If I terminate the contract now, how much I have to pay for the penalty? I ordered the switching for 2 month already, but now I still don't have the internet. And it affected my job. I really really frustrated with Vodafone service.


Sincerely yours,



P.S. Reposted because the previous post was in the wrong room. It should be in the DSL section, not Cable.

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