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Double billed

I have been charged two times at the same amount for the same two bills number.

First, I received a note from Vodafone stating that I have to send the standing balance till 05.08, then I transferred the amount to the given IBAN. one day later (yesterday), I noticed that Vodafone has charged me again via Direct Debit with the same amount for the same bill numbers. I am requesting Vodafone for a refund.

here is my email address if I am supposed to send you any further proof or information.

Thanks in advance,

Reza Eqbal

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1 Antwort 1

Hey Reza,

please send me a private message with your dsl customernumber + password.

I'll have a look into this.

I think that weh could not charge your bankaccount one time (propably because of insufficent funds). Then we try it a few weeks later again). If you have manually transferred the amount , both process may have overlapped.


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