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I made a contract with Red Internet and phone 16 DSL with vodafone a month ago. After the connection is complete, I got a letter from vodafone that they can only offer me Red Internet and Phone 175 DSL (which is ofcourse at higher rate). In the letter, there were 2 options: Accept Red Internet and phone 175 or leave vodafone contract. I decided to leave vodafone contract, and sent the letter with my answer. Now a week has passed, I have not received any confirmation from vodafone about my contract end. Please check. 


Attached is the letter from vodafone. 



Abdul Moiz

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Re: DSL Contract status

Hey Abdulmoiz,

if you've ordered Red Internet & Phone 16 DSL contract, i don't understand the letter you've attached here.

The offered Bandwith of 175 Mbit is much higher than that what you've asked for.
If you decide to "leave" the contract - i feel that no changes will be made, and the contract gets fullfilled as ordered.

Am i understanding you correct - you want to cancle the contract?

Feel free to send me a private message with your customerinfo.
I will have a look into your customeraccount.

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