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Contract_sign over to another person


I am leaving Germany end of March 2019 and would like to sign the contract for our Red internet und Phone 100 DSL over to my flatmate, who will continue using it. The only thing that would change is the person's name and bank account details. Can you advise please what steps should be taken to make this happen?

Thank you!


Betreff: Contract_sign over to another person

Hi @yanask,


In your case you can use the InfoDok form 297 (Vertragsübernahme f. Vodafone Festnetz). The form is only in German.


Fill in the form together and send the form (via contact form, fax etc.) to Vodafone.


Re: Contract_sign over to another person

Hello yanask,


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There is nothing more to say. If you need help filling in the form, just write here. I keep the thread open.





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