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Contract Transfer Status Query (Abfrage des Vertragsübertragungsstatus)

I had a Vodafone DSL contract transferred to me from the last customer. The last customer told me that he/she has been notified the contract transfer is already done more than two weeks ago, but still I didn't receive any letters or emails yet. The letter should contain the information to activate the router, so it is very important.


I tried the online chat bot several times for querying the contract status, and the bot asked for my phone number. They called me (automatically) but there was no real person answered. I also tried to call the hotline directly, but still I didn't get anyone for help.


I have two questions:
1. How can I query the contract status (i.e. if the contract is ready or not)?
2. If the confirmation letter is sent, how can I ask to delivery another one (or a digital one) if I didn't receive it?

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Hey Paul_Zhu,

Did you enter your mailadress into the formular for transferring the contract ?
Then you should've recieved the welcome letter via mail. May be it was sorted out as "Spam"?

I'm happy to check if there is a  dsl contract on your name.

Please send me a private message with your customerdetails.
(if possible the name of the previous tenant that has transferred the contract,  your complete name / adress / date of birth / chosen customer password)

To send me a private message please click on my name / avatar -> then the big red button on the right side.


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