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Connection Activation Date Very Late

I am moving to a new apartment and opted Vodafone for my internet service. I work from home frequently and require internet for my work. I tried to do everything I was told to get internet in time:

#1. I did the booking well in advance

#2. When I received the mail for the appointment, I selected an availble date that was within my window.

#3. I also provided the name of the person who has the line activated for currently, for easy activation.

#4. I got an email saying that I could not get the promised speed of 250 mbps and that would be limited to 175 mbps. As I had no option, and again needed internet quickly, I signed it and send it within a day.

#5. I get an email after 12-13 days, telling me that my internet will be active on 07.06.2022 (way after I would be moved to the other apartment)


I just do not understand why? Why do I get this random date for the activation and not within the window I had opted for. The technician doesnt even need to be there to activate it.


Also, again with everything in mind, I had requested for the router to be delivered to me at my current address, so that I can activate it. I do not even know where that router would be shipping to now and where would I be able to recieve it.


Please do provide me a solution. I would be very grateful.

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Hello guessme,


I am really sorry that the connection is not running smoothly. Please accept my apologies.


If the Telekom did not take your desired date into account, this can have various reasons. Maybe there is no line available at your address beforehand.


Let us check this out for you, shall we?


Please send us a PN with your customer number, a callback number and the link to your contribution here.


Best regards



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