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Cancelation of Internet connection

When I made the connection the sales representative of Vodafone told me that "in you move to a new address and the same connection can't be applied, we will stop the contract with no extra charge, no 3-month payment, etc. "

Now I moved to a new address at Berlin and the same internet can't be used here. 

I visit the shop and he told me that "I have to pay the 3 months charge" I visit another shop and I got the same response. I called your hotline support and I got the same response. 

This is not fair for me as a customer, I made this connection under the promise that I will not be changed if the connection can't be transferred to my new address, and now Vodafone denies this service and asked me for an extra charge. 

I want to cancel this connection as I was promised by Vodafone the day I made the contract. 


First I need to cancel the connection, I keep sending emails but I get no reply for almost a month now. 

Looking forward to hearing from you

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Hi Cancelation,


welcome to the Vodafone community. Smiley (fröhlich)


I'm sorry that you apparently got a wrong information. When you move to another address and we can't provide you the same bandwidth than before, you have the right to cancel your contract with a special permission, that's correct. But in this case, we have the right to charge 3 further months, because the contract is not kept by you.


If we can provide you another bandwidth at the new address, your contract can move with you.




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