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I would like to cancel my contract for DSL as I moved to new apartment, it has slower or no service Vodafone in that area. I have so contacted Vodafone to cancel the contract with no avail.  I also gave the address of the new apartment to prove to Vodafone that the speed required was not available. I am still paying the bill for the last two month when I not using any internet,

I would like to use my right and cancel the contract immediately, I know I am liable to pay for 3 months according to the telecommunication act. I have paid for the last two months without using the service.


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Abhiyash Jain

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Hi Abhiyash,


welcome to the Vodafone Community!


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I had a look into your account.


The contract has been canceled on March 20th. We have sent a confirmation via E-Mail on that day.


Please remember to send back the modem. You will find all info in our e-mail.


You will receive at least one more invoice for the period until March 20th.




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