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Hi Vodafone,

I've submitted an online request in early August and mid-September to cancel my Vodafone DSL contract as I've left Germany, but I have not heard back from Vodafone. Can I please receive help in canceling my DSL contract. Below is my September case number for reference it has a photo of my Abmeldebestätigung.

This is my September Kundendaten & Vertrag - Kündigung - Vodafone Dialog ID: [***] reference number.

Thanks / Rose

***ID removed according to data privacy regulations.


Betreff: Cancel Vodafone DSL

Hi Rose,


Thank you for joining the Vodafone Community. Smiley (fröhlich)


Since you already sent me a private message, I checked but could find no DSL subscription assigned to your name and address.


This regards the data you provided in your message.


Btw: DSL means your landline or fix net service.


Is that what you would like to cancel?




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