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Can't get payslips from previous contract

Hello, I had DSL contract in 2018 then I moved to Kabel. Unfortunately now I can't get payslips from old DSL contract not from mobile application nor from desktop website. I'm using this link

it's always answering "Something went wrong. Try again later". Similar on mobile app. Can you please check it? 

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Edit: Please don't post personal information like for example your customernumber in public - thank you !

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Hey Blowtorch,

as long as you did the contract with the onlineregistrationcode BEFORE the contract has ended, you can check your bills for 12 months.

After 12 months there is no further access to your old dsl bills.  

Its not possible to add a dsl contract once it has been cancelled finally.
If you want a copy of a bill, the fee is 2.50 euro per bill reproduced.

Best regards,


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