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wifi connection problems


And first to say is sorry that I cannot speak German. I'll keep writing with English.


Recently I have problem with wifi connection.

It started since Nov 23 and first symptom was being slow. Then after Saturday it totally stopped.

Sunday and Monday it worked for a few seconds - how do i know? Cause i turned off my cellular data and only linked with wifi. In the morning i could find out that i've got several messages. Which mean while sleeping for sometime it worked. Now internet logo (2 arrow opposite direction are keep blinking)


To solve the problem i put on my IP address on the Chrome and checked the status. Also did the self connection test which given by UnityMedia. Please check the photo below.

It says i have some problem with broadband - broadband i guess.


I did every thing what i can do.

Reset. unplug the plug. wait for a few seconds than turn on. Etc..


Can I get advice for my situation.
Is it a problem with device (modem or router), or problem with cable (Coax cable), or problem with vodafone (the provider)? 

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Hello Gseob,


have you checked the W-LAN load on your computer? You should find this in the menu of the cable router. Maybe you can change it and have a more stable connection.

Then please write whether you have also tested via ethernet and where you are coming from (zipe code).




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