WiFi 5 GHz is not stable on Vodafone cable router


I have a cable internet subscription from Vodafone for 2 years now. 5 GHz WiFi connection for more than one year.

As the two WiFi frequncy bands 2.4 and 5GHz are enabled on the router, I could only depend on 2.4 for stable connection, the 5GHz only works for a few days and then all 5GHz connections,

What I've tried so far to fix the issue:

  • Restarting the router 
  • Changing channel frequency
  • Changing wifi SSID name
  • Resetting the router settings
  • Changing router location
  • Inspecting the wifi on different client devices (My mobile, the TV, my laptop, ..etc)
  • Moving to a new house Smiley (fröhlich)

But nothing worked. I have no issues with the internet connection neither the 2.4 GHz wifi. 

I tried to call the hotline and the whatsapp group, but could not get to anyone who speaks English. I want to change the router I think the problem could be related to the router itself. 

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Hello ,


did you put the FB to factory default and established the connections again ? maybe a flaut in the system !?


or write to the support via email, that should be possible . describe your problems and or ask for furter assistance

also use the chanals 52-64 or 100 - 140 might help it

i hope i could helped you a little

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@Wulpor Thanks For your reply, Could you please write me the support email address?

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well try the usual emailadress for Vodafon or this following link...über-DSL/English-speaking-hotline/td-p/1547804


did u manage to set your box to factorydefault ( werkseinstellung in german) ?

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