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Vodafone router mit port forwarding and bridge mode - limited/reduced incoming connections?


Hi everyone,

i`ve just discussed with a support person from vodafone (on the phone) and she sayd that the best way to get an answer for my situation is to ask direcly here.


My german language is just casual and i need some information in english.


Port fowarding was a problem for me that was solved about 3 weeks ago by applying the "bridge mode" settings to my vodafone router.

For the last week, but mostly the last 3 days i`ve spent several hours trying all sort of solution to my problem.

Here`s my settings:

Internet >> vodafone router (model: ch7466ce, in bridge mode) >> Asus RT-AX82U >> PC

I`m running docker with an app that is using the TCP connection on ports 31400 - 31409 and all is working fine, ports are open and all, but...

The app i`m using has two (2 limits)

- 8 outgoing connections

- 64 incoming connections

and the 8 outgoing connections works just fine, at max. limit 24/7.

Only the incoming connections are less than 5, sometimes even zero.

I just need to know is there a limit settings on the vodafone side, because i`ve tryied all sort of settings even going for a brief time setting all devices (vodafone router, asus router, win defender firewall) OFF in order to try and debug and find a solution.

Obviously i need protection, all the firewalls are put now ON, but i can`t figure it out how to increase my incoming connections.


I realy apreciate your time for reading all above and I hope you can help with my struggle.




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Hi again,

not to be too much of a "pain in the a**", but i would like to have an answer.

Been quietly waiting for the last 2-3 weeks, checking if someone has anything to reply and nothing.

I realy need to know if the sowftware i`m running is blocked on the vodafone side?


Also i need to know if upgrading to another package would assure me with an IPv4 that is not shared with other clients?!


Waiting for an answer!



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Hello otdto,


sorry for the late reply, your first message must have got lost somehow.

We need more information from you. Please answer the following questions from the article All about fault reports.

One thing I can already tell you is that there is always a maximum of one public IPV4 address and not a fixed one.


Many greetings


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@otdto there is no limitation from Vodafone side

if you are using bridge mode you already have a pulic IPv4 which is not shared with anybody

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